Development of projects funded by the EU

Development of projects in view of applying for funds for a bespoke EU programme, respectively a EU bid. E.g. a better combination between study and work placement in companies.

Development of applications & bids

Professional development of project applications, bids, including putting together the requested consortia (European partner structure) and their electronic submission in the three main European languages (FR, EN, DE) and HU, RO, IT, ES.

Involvement of national match funding

When and as necessary, applying for European funds by writing bids can be combined with national ones.

Training on European funding and tendering

EUCONTACT staff can carry out bespoke inhouse trainings on the EU funding programmes, tendering procedures and project management.

Identification of EU funding programmes

Consultancy on the current European funding programmes and their accessing for shortand longterm strategies.

Assistance with project implementation

Sound experience with project management for our customers, especially in the case of successful projects, that have been developed by EUCONTACT.

Strategic consultancy on European topics and future funding priorities

Development of short and midterm strategies for a targeted use of the European funding programmes in conjunction with the respective mission statement of the client institution.

Development and testing of innovative European projects in the field of VET and FE

A special work area of EUCONTACT is to promote European projects in order to further develop the European dimension in VET and FE, with a special emphasis on technical and health and social trades.

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