Areas of focus

EUCONTACT has been working successfully as project developer in the following areas: vocational education and training / VET, further education / FE, social and labour market policy, SME (entering new markets, energy efficiency and innovation) and structural and regional policy at European and national level.

EU programmes

The European funding programmes we are specialised in are the following ones: Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci – Mobility – Transfer of Innovation – Partnerships – Further education of teaching staff – Social funds / ESF, the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme / CIP Programme to support SMEs Intelligent Energy Europe / IEE ECO INNOVATION and the European programmes for Strutural and Regional Policy.

Differenciated consideration of the tendering priorities in the UK and other EU countries

In addition to the European priorities, the current national tendering trends and priorities of each EU programme in the UK are considered. This is also valid for the EU programmes in the other EU countries, such as: DE, HU, RO, TR, DK where EUCONTACT also operates.

High success quotas for projects developed by EUCONTACT

Our comprehensive competencies due to our longterm experience allow us a very high quota of funded projects for our clients, both in the UK and other EU countries we operate in.

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